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Looking to improve your diet and reach those goals that you’ve set for yourself in 2017? This blog will show you 2 steps you can take to improve your diet and be well on your way to a great 2017!

2 easy steps to a better diet: diet deficiencies and portion control

Step 1: Identify what you’re lacking:

Before you can improve your diet, you need to figure out what portions of nutrition you lacking. For 3 days, write down everything that you would normally consume. This way you can see what you have been eating and you will be able to identify what your deficiencies are in your diet. It may be lack of protein or you also may be short on healthy fat intake. Everyone is different so pay close attention to your daily intake! Another aspect a lot of people overlook is micronutrients, water, vitamins and minerals. Now, it can be tricky to know what your lacking when it comes to this and how much. The best way to know your consuming enough vitamins and minerals is to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and supplement with a multi vitamin.

After writing down your food intake for 3 days you will have enough information to see where you need to improve with your diet. Here are some ways you can improve these deficiencies.


Whey Protein


Complex Carbs: Oatmeal
Brown Rice Sweet Potatoes Whole Grains


Fish Nuts/Seeds Fish oil


Fresh fruit Fresh veggies Multi vitamin

Step 2: Identify how much you should be eating.

The next step in improving your diet is to know how much you should be eating. Now this all depends on your body type and what your goals are. First, lets breakdown the 3 different body types and where you fit on the spectrum. The following chart is a breakdown of the different body types and how the macros (protein,carbs and fats) should be split. You may have to adjust it a little for yourself but this will give you a good estimate.


Naturally skinny, “hard gainer” hold minimal body fat

Protein 25% Carbs 55% Fats 20%


Naturally Athletic “gain muscle easy, don’t hold as much body fat as endomorph

Protein 30% Carbs 40% Fats 30%


Naturally heavy set, tend to hold a lot of body fat, slow metabolism

Protein 35% Carbs 25% Fats 40%


Start to look at these 2 factors and improve upon them. Writing your diet down for 3 days will give you a visual to go by. It will open your eyes and you will quickly realize that changes can be made that will help you reach your goals.
Never “fly by the seat of your pants” as they say, always make a game plan and execute!